Triple Detection SEC/GPC of Polybutadiene Rubber


Polybutadiene, Figure 1, is the first synthetic rubber to be prepared; it is being produced commercially at a very high volume.

Due to its very high degree of resistance to abrasion and dynamic stress, polybutadiene is used in tire manufacturing.

Close Up of Photo of Two Rubber Tires

Some blends of polybutadiene with other polymer are available commercially.

Black Vector Depicting Chemical Structure of Polybutadiene

Figure 1. Chemical structure of polybutadiene.


Comparison of the three polybutadiene samples is shown in Figure 2 with the GPC elution curves obtained from the RI detector response.

Molecular weights and physical parameters of the three polybutadiene samples have been calculated using Triple Detection SEC/GPC technique, Table 1.

Graph of RI Overlay of Three Polybutadiene Samples A (Black), B (Green), and C (Red)

Figure 2. RI overlay of three polybutadiene samples A (black), B (Green), and C (red).

Table Depicting Average Molecular Weights and Intrinsic Viscosity of Three Polybutadiene Samples


Triple Detection SEC/GPC technique was applied successfully for the characterization of three polybutadiene samples collected at different aging stages.

Using this technique, small differences in molecular weights and physical parameters of polybutadiene samples were identified and correlated to sample aging.

Stability and batch-to-batch can be readily identified using this technique.

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