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Synthetic Polymers and Plastics

Synthetic Polymers and Plastics

Whether in quality control, process control or product development, PolyAnalytik provides unique expertise in understanding the properties of materials in each stage of the process and assists in enhancing the quality of end products. PolyAnalytik has extensive experience in characterizing the chemistry of commodity polymers and plastics. This is a fee-based sample analysis service with a fast turn-around time. Please consult with our Technical Sales Specialists to discuss your application and provide you with an accurate quotation.

Molecular Analysis:

Molecular weight distribution and intrinsic viscosity testing by GPC.

Thermophysical Characterizations:

Melting temperature and glass transition temperature by DSC, crystallinity measurements by DSC and XRD, compositional analysis through thermogravimetric analysis (TGA)

Chemical Structure Analysis:

Functional group analysis by FTIR and Raman Spectroscopy, structure elucidation by H and C13 NMR spectroscopy and Mass Spectrometry, surface chemistry by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy,

Synthetic Polymer Examples:


Used to make packaging material, shopping bags, and bottles.


Used to make bottles and crates.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Used to make pipes and insulation.


Used for non-stick kitchenware.


Used to make foam and thermocol.


Used to make rubber.

PolyAnalytik serves as a reliable QA/QC laboratory with fast turnarounds for routine analysis of Molecular Weight and Molecular Weight Distribution (polydispersity) of end products or raw materials for full scale and pilot plants. The company also engages with R&D departments for product development and characterization projects to further investigate the molecular properties and to differentiate among samples with similar mechanical and thermal behaviors. Such projects typically involve advanced analyses such as Long Chain Branching (LCB), Copolymer Composition and Cross-Linking.

In addition to advanced GPC services, PolyAnalytik offers standard testing services such as Solution Viscosity and Solvent Extraction (e.g. Xylene Solubles Analysis of Polypropylene and Ethylene Propylene Rubber). Please contact our staff for more details.