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Polymer Analysis Instruments

Polymer Analysis Instruments

GPC Instrumentation Technology

Since 2017, PolyAnalytik, Inc entered into a partnership with   to expand their expertise in gel permeation chromatography (GPC) for polymer characterization. As part of the agreement, PolyAnalytik, Inc. serves as an authorized distributor and technical resource supporting the EcoSEC GPC Systems and TSKgel HPLC columns product lines throughout North America (Figure 1.1). Tosoh Bioscience are veterans of the chromatography and biopharma purification industry and have been developing equipment and chromatography columns since 1971. The products manufactured by Tosoh are of the highest quality and robustness in the industry with over 60% market share in Japan, counting over 1,500 GPC units. Our partner continues to innovate and develop breakthrough technologies. In 2019, a new paradigm in characterization of polymers was revealed with the launch of the LenS3, multi-angle light scattering detector (Figure 1.2). This technology is highly sought-out by the biopharma industry for characterization of therapeutic proteins such as antibodies and the polymer industry for characterization of absolute molecular weight and size measurements critical to product performance and quality.

After Tosoh related content is agreed upon with them, decide with Gary if these types of things should hyperlink to their site or a page on ours with more about their products?

Agreed, I need to discuss with Ahad and Amer about this

you can probably add pictures of the instrument from our lab though with columns…