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projects types

Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food & Agriculture

These contract research projects include (but are not limited to):

Biocompatibility Testing (as per ISO10993)

In vivo Polymer Degradation:

  • Entails development and validation of polymer extraction procedures from biological samples,
  • Determine polymer degradation (molecular weight reduction, percent mass loss) via validated GPC methods,
  • Determine mechanical properties of the degraded test samples.
In vitro Polymer Degradation (Accelerated and Real-Time)
  • Hydrolytic degradation
  • Oxidation
  • pH
  • Temperature
  • Enzyme degradations

Environmental Studies

The use of biodegradable polymers has become a popular area of research due to the Promise of
cleaner, safer, and renewable technologies. However, concerns arise when trying to properly
understand the mechanism of degradation of your products in the environment (e.g. soil,
seawater, oil flow back water, effect of storm events, temperature, humidity, winds,
bacterial flora, microbiology, ecosystem).

The development of an analytical method is required when probing the chemical identity of
degradation products present or persisting in the environment. Important factors such as
polymer identity (polymer fractions, low molecular weight polymer chains, oligomers,
monomers, aggregates), concentration, kinetics of degradation, mass loss monitoring, charge,
structural changes etc. are considered when developing and validating an analytical method
to ensure the highest accuracy and reproducibility of the results.

Examples of services we provide are:
  • Environmental protection projects to assess the stability, leaching, or migration of
    polymers deployed in the environment for various applications.
  • Develop and validate analytical methods to quantify the degradation, concentration,
  • Develop and validate analytical methods to quantify the degradation, concentration,
  • Evaluation of polymers used as flocculants for waste water treatment